My compositions

13th International Music Festival in Tatarstan, Russia, September 21-27th, 2017

I had a privilege to go to Russia, Tatarstan in September 2017 to play my composition ‘Terra Solis Australis’ for piano, violin and clarinet! I was participating at the International music festival in Kazan, and a festival was an outstanding high quality experience! Composers were from all over Russia, also from Columbia, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Its the most exciting time, when you can collaborate with musicians and listen to the great music!

Here is a ling to a short video about the festival :

Premier of my new composition at the music festival in French Pyrenees in July 2017

Early this year, I was commissioned to write a new piece of music for the music festival in France. So..

I travelled to France to play my new composition ‘Terra Solis Australis’ for two violins and a piano together with Ala and Gerassim Voronkov!

It was received with a great success and made news in local news papers in France!

What a fantastic experience! Thank you to wonderful musicians Ala and Gerassim, who inspired me to write this piece!

terra solis australis , Natalya Vagner For two Violins and a Piano

Trip to Vietnam in November 2016

My composition ‘The ride to a crescent moon’ for 5 instruments (piano, flute, violin, oboe and dan bau) were premiered at the National Academy of Vietnam in Hanoi during the 34th Asian International Composers Conference.

It was a nerve wracking experience  when musicians had to play my work and I had to sit in an audience and listen for the first time my composition come to life! Exciting, thrilling and nerve wracking…what sound really bad! Ha ha! And in a reality, it was a wonderful performance and even better then I have imagined, they played with true expressions of the piece to tell a story, the ‘myth’ I have envisioned.

Very special indeed! And mixing up with hundreds of other Asian composers was a great learning curve and a great experience! You might listen to the recording here!


  • Trip to Manila Philippines November 2015, to the 33rd International asian Composers Conference”Breath”composition, for Soprano and Piano were chosen to be played at Australian Asian Conference of Composers in the Phillippines in November 2015.


  • Hear the Spirit come’ a Christmas composition for adult choir, children choir, chamber ensemble, soprano solo, piano and organ was premiered at Christmas Concert at St Silas on 9th of December 2016! So exciting…I am so grateful and happy to hear this work performed!

Some compositions here on Sound Cloud

“Breath”composition, for Soprano and Piano were chosen to be played at Australian Asian Conference of Composers in the Phillippines in November 2015.

“Two Way Path” for keyboard and digital media (6 min.12 s.) composed in response to Rachel Rovay paintings. Performed on 1st of September 2013 at ‘Without pier’ Gallery 320 Bay St. Cheltenham Melbourne.

Some earlier examples and excerpts of piano recordings and my compositions.

‘N.V. Down Under’ 2010

Compositions for Small Instrumental Ensemble

Turtle Dreaming (sound sample)
N.V. Down Under

Small Towns (sound sample)

The Earth (sound sample)

‘Ascending’ CD 2002

ascendingwas created together with Nicholas Arnold for piano and synthesiser.

I fell in Love ‘ (sound sample)

The Healing‘ (sound sample)

Ascending (sound sample)

‘Piano Tales’ 2005 (N. V. piano recordings)

‘The highway‘ by D. Kramer (sound sample)Piano Tales

Chopin “Nocturne” 1 op 9 by F. Chopin (sound sample)

‘Prelude in C sharp minor’ by S. Rachmaninoff (sound sample)

‘The Breath of the Earth’ 2003

Composed by N. Vagner for various instruments

Rainforest “(sound sample)the breath of the earth

Water‘ (sound sample)

Homeless dog‘ (sound sample)



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