Composition news: ‘Covid Toccata’ for piano by Natalya Vagner

Covid Toccata by N. Vagner

‘Wallum‘ ( an indigenous for tropical part of Australia in QLD) for string orchestra performed in Chile by ‘Marga Marga orchestra.

Please listen here (2020, December, International music festival

‘Music for cheeky children’ series of 6 educational books for children of primary age, available by request. Please email

‘The year 2020 shanty’ a community project with children and adults, to inspire hope and joy, to collaborate together and create something that is fun.

The year 2020 shanty

Also, we made some news in the Local ‘The Leader’ news paper, which was just fun!

The Year 2020 Screenshot

‘Bay St Community Festival

‘Bay St Festival’ 29th November 2019 was a great success, highlighting local choirs and ensembles, ‘Jazz Parade’ and school choirs competition! Despite a bit of the rain, we had a fantastic night!

Here is a short overview of the last year’s! Bay st Festival 2018

We are proud to support music education in the Port Phillip area and organize this festival annually for all: the school choirs and bands, community music groups, ensembles, and orchestras. 

Participating schools are Middle Park Primary School, Port Phillip Specialist School, Port Melbourne Primary School, Albert Park Primary School, Albert Park College, Elwood College, Elwood Primary School, St. Kilda Park Primary School, St. Kilda Primary School, Sandringham Primary School, South Melbourne Primary School, South Melbourne Park Primary, Footscray City Primary School.


I teach piano instrument and in Middle Park Primary School, building a dynamic music program for our students!

I run every Thursday 4-5 p.m. a ‘Community Children Choir’ in Albert Park at St Silas Church, 99 Bridport St during the term dates. All children are welcome! Lots of fun! Please see the details on my web page.

The Highlights of 2019: a premiere of my new composition ‘The Bunjil’ for chamber orchestra at the Asia Europe Music Festival in Kazan, Tatarstan.

‘Bay St Festival’ is a local annual music festival, happens on the last Friday in November and this year was a great event joining local schools in Port Philip area in music and celebrations!

The premiere of my new piano composition ‘The Human Progress’ 23 rd of November at MONA Gallery Tasmania, performed by Michael Kieran Harvey

Christmas Concert at St Silas’ (annual event) in Albert Park 13th of December with the adult choir, children choir’ and professional musicians was a great successful event! Thank you to all great participants and warm support!





Piano Concerts

We have regular piano concerts at the beautiful space in St Silas Church Albert Park!

All students encouraged to play their pieces by memory and perform in front of the adoring audience of supportive friends and parents!

Students also do AMEB exams, encouraged to composition and improvisation, exposed to classical, jazz and popular styles of music and love music for the rest of their lives!


Ukulele Ladies plus a Couple of Blokes

The St Kilda based Ukulele Ladies plus A Couple of Blokes has launched a guerrilla music campaign to bring the delights of the ukulele to the public.

Instead of formal concerts or gigs the Ukulele Ladies and Blokes will just turn up at a restaurant or event with their ukes and play a couple of numbers.

Bay Street Festival

Bay Street Festival has been running in Port Phillip area since 2010 and has directly contributed to a higher level of music education and a greater sense of community!

All local school choirs and ensembles, including community music groups, bands and orchestras come up on a night to celebrate the end of the year with music!

The traditional ‘song competition’ on a night boosts the friendly competition among school choirs and awards three best choirs on a night!

The festival will run again on 29th of November in 2019!

See you there!


The 33rd Asian Composers League International Conference

I was very lucky to be invited to attend the 33rd Asian Composers League International Conference in Manila, Philippines on 6th-12th November. My composition ‘Breath’ was performed at the National University of Philippines. I loved the collaboration between all the composers that attended the conference. It was inspiring and nurturing and I am looking forward to the next conference in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2016.

ACL 2015

ACL Conference

Rock meets Classical

What did you do on school Holidays?

Together with my nephew who is 12 years old and a keen rock guitar player we decided to play a mix! Classical (which is me) meets Rock!

We improvised on two themes: Piano concerto number 1 by Tchaikovsky and ‘Beat it’ by Michael Jackson! Recorded it in a studio and came up with awesome track!

Dec and Natasha

Dec and Natasha 25.09.15

Dear Students!

Welcome to Natasha (Natalya) Vagner Music Studio.

I  teach how to play the piano instrument and other aspects of music. I teach individually and students in classroom. I love both. I direct children’s choirs and take them through concerts and performances. I’m passionate about music and believe in its incredible power to inspire and move.

  • Learn Music Theory
  • Learn Music History
  • AMEB exams up to level 8
  • I hold two piano concerts a year, where students perform their learned pieces in front of the parents and audience in a relaxed and supportive environment
  • Learn to improvise and compose
  • Learn to sight read new music
  • Ear Training and singing
  • Play together with other instruments as an ensemble

Through regular practice students will learn how to play an instrument, discipline, how to listen, how to be patient and persistent.