Bay St. Community Festival

All school or community choirs and bands are warmly invited to participate at our annual ‘Bay St Festival, which encourages and supports music education and inclusive community! We have plenty of music activities on a night: The Carols singing on a street from 5-6.20 p.m., the ‘Jazz Parade’ at 6.30 p.m., the ‘Choirs Competition’ on the main stage at 7 p.m. and a special concert at the Anglican Holy Trinity Church from 7-9 p.m.

The choir competition among our local schools in Port Phillip area a fantastic initiative to engage children choirs in the singing contests between school choirs and pass on the winning trophy and prizes! We are proud of our annual ‘Bay St Festival’ that has been running for the last 8 years and helped raise the level of music education in public schools and continue to do so. We are always inviting professional and semi-professional music groups and ensembles to enhance our local festival, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to participate!

Winners of 2019: Perpetual Trophy and a First Prize ($500) went to Port Melbourne Primary School!

Second ‘Encouragement Award’ went to Melbourn Grammar Boys choir ($250)

Third award for most creative performance to a Children Community Choir in Albert Park! ($250)

Winners of 2018!

The trophy went to South Sudanese Choir!

Encouragement Award to Community Children Choir in Albert Park!

Award for most creative performance to Port Melbourne Primary school

Bay St Festival 2018 Watch the short video here!




FullSizeRenderBay St Festival in Port Melbourne designed to foster music education in our community and celebrate together with our community as an ‘end of the year celebration’. It is a great event that happens on the last Friday in November or beginning of December each year! We are delighted to have all local primary and secondary schools involved together with professional instrumental groups and orchestras and local stars!

We are running a Mike Brady choral competition with presenting a perpetual trophy to a winning choir, as well as other prizes to encourage music education at our local schools. The night is great fun for all; parents and children, musicians and amateur performers, local community, special guests and Bay Street traders. It has a great feeling of a real festival of music with the full involvement of our local community!

Bay Street Festival 2016 2nd December






Port Melbourne Primary School, Port Phillip Specialist School, Albert Park Primary School, Albert Park College, Middle Park Primary School, Sandringham Primary School, St Kilda Park Primary School, Elwood College, Elwood Primary School, St Kilda Primary School, McKinnon Primary School, McKinnon Secondary College.

Hyde Street Youth Band, Western Melbourne Orchestra, Footscray Youth Band, Melbourne Singers of Gospel, Contemporary Melbourne Choir, Singers of Southport, u3A Choir, ‘Karusel’ Russian group, Ukulele ensemble, Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra, Melbourne Accordion Orchestra, Opera singers.

Dance groups, Circus entertainers, Disney World characters, face painters, street buskers.

Bay Street Festival on the 27th of November 2015.

We had a great night with 12 school choirs and school bands participating on the night!

  • The choirs competed for the Michael Brady Perpetual Trophy and the winner was the Port Phillip Specialist choir!
  • Our Community Children Choir participated in music workshops lead by Richard Gill and Jon Madin, organized by Susie Davies-Splitter and had a fantastic time learning music and singing with the mass choir! Thank you all!







  • Bay Street Festival 2014



2 thoughts on “Bay St. Community Festival

  1. Hallo Natasha

    Firstly, thank you for coming to listen to our U3A Recorder Group a few weeks ago.

    After tallying opinions, our view is that we would like to be involved in the Bay St Festival, to do a set in the vicinity of 20 minutes to half an hour. Most of our members are available on the date.

    I can see you’re an accomplished musician, so if anything that follows is telling you ‘how to suck eggs’, please excuse me. I can see the Festival is performed on (one or more) outdoor stages – this isn’t an easy environment for recorder playing. In particular, any cross winds steal all the sound from the instruments and render them silent, so any protection on the sides that can be provided is invaluable. Also, recorder are a fairly quiet group of instruments, so some ancillary amplification my be needed for outside/large audience work. However, the group is not used to playing with individual amplification (which would be best), so some overall ambient amplification would probably work best. I can discuss this with your sound engineers closer to the date. For the moment, Also, we work from sheet music. I just need to you to know that we have these, perhaps peculiar, requirements.

    Please let me know what it possible. I think the group is excited / scared by the possibility, but they will be well and truly ready on the day. Please note also we propose to play a concert at the Port Melbourne Anglican Church in conjunction with their fete, about a week before the Festival. Much of the repertoire we use for the two events will be the same.


    Geoff Parr-Smith

    • Hi Geoff

      Thank you for your email regarding ‘recorder group’ playing at the Bay St festoval this year 29th of November.
      We are very happy to schedule you inside in the church on Bay St together with other performance on a night.
      20 min slot is perfect.
      Please email me directly if you have more questions :

      kind regards

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