Great Performance of Beethoven Concert on 2nd May

Beethoven’ Vienna 1808 with the MSO and Royal Philharmonic Choral at Hamer Hall 2nd of May 2015.

Congratulations to one and all who were part of the Vienna 1808 concert with the MSO, glowing tributes and reviews all round. The concert will be broadcast on ABC Classic FM on Saturday 09 May at 12pm.



Dear Students!

Welcome to Natasha Vagner Music Studio.

I  teach how to play the piano instrument and other aspects of music. I teach individually and students in classroom. I love both. I direct children’s choirs and take them through concerts and performances. I’m passionate about music and believe in its incredible power to inspire and move.

  • Learn Music Theory
  • Learn Music History
  • AMEB exams up to level 8
  • I hold two piano concerts a year, where students perform their learned pieces in front of the parents and audience in a relaxed and supportive environment
  • Learn to improvise and compose
  • Learn to sight read new music
  • Ear Training and singing
  • Play together with other instruments as an ensemble

Through regular practice students will learn how to play an instrument, discipline, how to listen, how to be patient and persistent.