Albert Park Children Choir

Its been 10 years since we started CCC! Community Children Choir at St Silas!

I love working with children and teach them singing! All primary age children are welcome!  We rehearse on Thursday from 4-5 p.m. at St Silas Church Albert Park. We rehearse during school terms, we learn all styles of songs including singing in harmony and reading basic Kodaly notation. We participate at the hour competitions and have regular performances. You are free to join us if you love singing!


CCC Melbourne

Community Children Choir at St Silas Albert Park Melbourne

We learn how to sing together! In parts and canon like, with music games and Sol  Fa.

I use Kodaly singing approach and foster a ‘beautiful’ singing, where child can hear his/her own voice and sing in pitch, hold his part and enjoy group performance.

Other things that I do:

 Music workshops

  • Percussion Workshop
  • Choir workshop
  • Recorder workshop
  • Instruments of the orchestra
  • Improvisation and composition
  • Writing your own song
  • Inventing your own instrument
  • Garage Band
  • Finale Music Program
  • How to read music quick
  • All about keyboards
  • All about Rhythm

I am a member of the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Choral, a great organisation that allows me to participate at a wonderful concerts productions all around Melbourne!


Ukulele group of women, with occasional blokes participation, started in 2014 at the coffee drinking in the morning with my friend Rosemary! We now play and rehearse ukuleles with another 12-14 women on a regular bases, who are happy to just have fun and learn new songs, sing and participate at various events. Actually, having fun, thats the main future of the group!

So far, we performed at ‘Bay Street Festival’ twice, at ‘Linas’ bar in Albert Park several times, at Elwood club, Port Fairy Festival, birthday parties and 774 Radio and ‘Joy’ radio station! How exciting is this? Fabulous! Love it!



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