Christmas Concert at St Silas


The concert is an ongoing project that aims to invite local parents and children, who are a mix of amateur and professional musicians together. Rehearsals commence every Sunday throughout November at St Silas church 4-6.30 p.m. Children choir from 4-5 p.m. and adult choir from 5-6.30 p.m. We usually have 5 rehearsals before the concert in December. The project is an exciting concert with our community for our community, celebrating Christmas together. We love involving and engaging our talented parents and children, who love to perform together at Christmas Concert in a beautiful St Silas!  A wonderful gift to each other.

2019, Christmas Concert at St Silas on 13th of December was a great success! We always seem to have a very enthusiastic bunch of special people, who come together, rehearse the music and perform the concert and stay uplifted and energized after the event for a long time! I love this community project and it always feels great to share it with friends and families!

Christmas Concert at St Silas 13th of December 2019

Loved playing   S‘Winter’ A. Piazzolla together with Evangelina Victoria on violin and Tristan Buesst on Cello.

image199 Bridport St, Albert Park

Please get in touch if you would like to sing in the Adult choir or children choir or you are a professional musician and would love to be part of this production.

Christmas Concert at St Silas 8th of December 2017


9th of December 2016

Fabulous success, a great night of having a special Christmas concert together with the local adult choir, children choir, and professional musicians. It’s a delight to arrange and rehearse music on this special occasion! I love it and enjoy it tremendously.


 Community Christmas Concert at St Silas 2015


It was a great night together with a local adult choir, a children’s choir and musicians from ANAM! This was a special Christmas performance by local parents and children and professional musicians for our local community!







Lily and Suki

Children’s performances:

Choir ‘Listen to the Rain’

Patrick Horan’s original composition ‘C’est la Vie’

Sisters Sledge duet

Concert 24th of June 2012

Well done everybody coming on a cold evening and performing in front of all parents!

Enjoy the performance, it’s should be a celebration of what you have achieved!

Marcus ‘Toccatina’ 8 yr.old

Patrick ‘Prelude in c major’ by Bach,11 years old (Power Point Presentation)

Marcus ‘The wind beneath my wings’

Anastasia Happy birthday ( 5 years old)

Charlie ‘The good the bad and the ugly’

Mats ‘The Charmer’ by C. Norton

Matilda Prelude in E minor, F.Chopin

Patrick’s ‘Irish stream’-original composition

Seamus Beethoven Pathetic Sonata part 2

Seamus ‘Forcing the pace’ the Pace’

Concert December 7th  2012 

Concert 7.12.12
Concert Dec. 7 2012

Concert December 2011

PatrSeamus Beethovenick plays Bach’s prelude (10 years old)

Seamus Composition 2011 15 yr.old

Marcus ‘Batman Theme’ (8 years old)

Johnatan Bach’s prelude 8 yr.old

Johnatan ‘Soldiers march’

Elizabeth ‘My soul’ 17 yr.od

Zoe ‘Do a deer’ 8 yr.old

Mats ‘Tuxedo junction’ 11 yr. old


4 thoughts on “Christmas Concert at St Silas

  1. Natasha is so fantastic as a teacher and as a musician. Her passion for music is what made her music exceptionally alive. Perfect Natasha 🙂

  2. Natasha is an exceptional educator and musician. She is passionate and genuine and incredibly skilled at communicating her deep knowledge of music and inducing a love a music in children and adults alike. We are glad she is not moving to Brisbane as we want to keep her right here in Melbourne!

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