N. Vagner Music Studio

Welcome to Natasha’s Music Studio! I am delighted to introduce you to the electronic music studio, where all of you (students and parents) can share your thoughts and ideas on Music and Education, Performance, Composition, Concerts, Practice etc.

This Blog is designed for you. It’s a way to communicate with each other and share your musical growth. You can listen to the pieces you played at the concerts and reflect and learn from them. You can share your recordings with friends and relatives. It’s fun and good luck!

Natasha Vagner

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1 thought on “N. Vagner Music Studio

  1. Hello Natasha,

    Thank you again for inviting Elizabeth and Madeline to play at your studio’s performance last weekend. Their grandparents enjoyed seeing the three girls playing music together.

    We especially appreciated the opportunity to hear professional musicians in the community sharing their talent and time. Learning to play music (especialy on instruments) can be a rather solitary process. Thank you for reminding us that music is meant to be shared and enjoyed together.

    Best Regards & Wishes,
    Hello Natasha,

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